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Millions of families around the world go hungry every year. Help us make a difference.

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our goal

Partnered with the Community Food Bank of NJ and United Way of Northern NJ, we are trying to support struggling families and help them get the food they need.


We want to end hunger, one step at a time.

We urge you to please donate or volunteer to help our cause, and let us know how we can help!

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how to help

By keeping track of our latest events or fundraisers, you can find an opportunity to make a difference in our journey by donating when you can.

Spreading the news of our goal can also make a huge difference!

You can donate money, food, or volunteer by clicking on this form. We accept donation through QuickPay Zelle and various other ways. Please take a look at the "Take Action" page. 



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Twitter: @BlissfulUs

Check out the Community Food Bank of New Jersey website:

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recent fundraisers!

As a part of the Teen Leadership Council at the Community Food Bank of NJ, we are raising funds as a friendly competition! click this link to donate or buy food for less prices, funds going to the food bank!

** important news**

COVID-19 VIRTUAL FUND RAISER FOOD DRIVE for millions of children affected by school closures.

Please donate via qp/zelle USING Our Zelle handle - Blissful Us, Livingston, NJ



We are fundraising year round through Amazon!

While you're shopping for gifts on please choose "Blissful Us A NJ Nonprofit Corporation" on as the charity you want to support and help us support our mission for collecting funds for the Community Food Bank of NJ, to benefit emergency and disaster areas with food, funds and clothing. 

A small part of your payment would be donated to our funds through Amazon.

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A little effort today,

a big difference tomorrow