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Summer 2023

Personalities & Relationships
Abstract Linear Background

It's time to plan for the next issue folks!

Big thanks to everyone who submitted and our editors to get your voices heard.


Submit any form of writing or art reflecting YOUR views on people and how they interact. Topics can range broadly - including how people think, interact with each other, view the world, or simply exist!

All school papers related to this theme are welcome.

  • Each submitted piece requires a separate student entry form

  • Suggested (non)/fiction/prose length is 250-1000 words, poetry should be up to 80 lines, submitted as either a Microsoft Word or Google Document.

  • Artwork must be jpg/jpeg/png format, try for high resolution. If artwork is a sculpture or 3D piece, you may submit pictures of it.

  • All submissions will be reviewed and organized by our editors.

    • Submissions will be accepted until September 30, 2023 .


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