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YOU can make a difference. For anyone who's suffering of hunger because of poverty or personal issues, you can help them. You can save them. And if you are one of them, fight for your own cause. Fight to make your life, and other's lives better. You might think that there's nothing you can do, but that's completely wrong! Fundraising or holding food drives for Blissful Us can help make a difference. Raising money or collecting food and sending it to us allows us to distribute it to various food sources for them to further decide where it goes.

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For each purchase you make, Amazon donates some money to us.

  1. Sign up at smile.amazon.com

  2. Select Blissful Us, Livingston, NJ as your charity of contribution

  3. Any purchase you make on Amazon will donate a small fraction of your purchase to Blissful Us!

Our smile.amazon.com handle -

Blissful Us, Livingston, NJ

You may send an electronic donation using Chase QuickPay or Zelle, at our Zelle handle - 

Blissful Us, Livingston, NJ

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We are open to partnering for bigger events.



Your donations are 100% tax-deductible and go directly towards making education and food a reality for a child in need.

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