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Share what's on your mind. How has this recent pandemic changed your thoughts? How is your life affected? What are you thinking about? Is there something you are grateful about?

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Unknown member
Jun 06, 2020

My great uncle passed away from coronavirus. He was a perfectly healthy and active 68 year old and a highly accomplished practicing cardiologist— his only complication being diabetes. Suddenly, within 2 weeks, he was being treated by doctors that he used to work alongside with, in the hospital he worked in for over 30 years.

For the past couple of months, I never expected my own family to be affected by this pandemic. My heart and thoughts were out to those suffering, but until I thought my own family wouldn’t be affected, I lived in blissful ignorance and was more or less desensitized. Never in a million years did I think it would hit so close to home.



Unknown member
May 27, 2020

Personally, the fact that it is long drawn is quite annoying, but I do recognise that lives are at stake, so we are doing the right thing when we are social distancing. There were certain goals that I set for the semester that slowly perished as soon as I went to Singapore. Toggling between different timezones was challenging even though lecture recordings are always available. Invariably, for office hours and extra help, we tend to work in odd hours to make it happen. I didn't really like watching lecture recordings because it didn't give me the interactive environment that I have loved about lecture in general. I miss late night conversations at our suite door with our friends on the…


May 12, 2020

Sometimes I compare the expanse of my mind with an ever-growing, ever-evolving biome. Although most times I wish the area of my mind was blank, every day, new ideas and thoughts sprout and they, whether I like it or not, affect me.

The pandemic and the quarantine are no exception to this.

We now notice that we took advantage of small memories of happiness, where we could go out into the world and spontaneity took over, or where we made decisions that we can’t make in isolation.

Last Saturday, it was 81 degrees. A couple of my friends came to my driveway, screaming for me to come out, and I rushed outside in excitement to hug them… only to remember…

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