the Blissful pursuit

Current Issue: Volume 2 Issue 1

Hi everyone! I'm Anusha, and I'm the editor of The Blissful Pursuit, the online magazine. The idea behind this magazine is to give a voice to teenagers, with their young adult words, thoughts and artwork, to pursue a better society.

Personally, I've been involved with writing for many years now, reaching a national medal in Scholastic Art and Writing Awards as well as a few Gold Keys and publications. I always found that young writer publications could be hard to find... Over the years I’ve realized that there needs to be a forum for us teenagers where our thoughts can be heard, our strengths are treasured, and we are cherished for who we are. So came The Blissful Pursuit in early January, 2020!

I am very excited to have started this magazine and look forward to receiving your entries. We will offer awards and prizes for the best entry in each genre so send us your best work!

Call for entries for summer 2021:
Click here to download the flier

For volume 3, our theme focuses on your voice. There is no particular theme or guidelines for the type of writing or art to be submitted, simply submit any work that demonstrates something you would love to show the world - hence, using your voice to portray anything you feel is important or beautiful.

Check out the "How to Submit" and "Rules and Forms" pages for more information. Feel free to email or fill out the boxes below with any questions and constructive criticism!

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