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What are your summer plans?

Updated: May 29, 2020

99% schools and colleges worldwide went virtual 2 months ago. Students were displaced from their dorms, their lifestyles, and were forced to either take shelter with their international friends or go back home to their nests. You worked hard for 12 years of your school life, and didn't get a Prom or Graduation ceremony. But you coped with it, you stayed strong, and got through it, trying to locate light at the end of tunnel.

What are your summer plans?
Summer is here!!!

Summer term has already arrived. You must have had awesome plans to do summer courses, travel abroad with friends to Panama, or volunteer with medical services, do the internships you were eyeing last year. Well, things have changed. They really have changed your perspective, leading you into a new way of life.

It is definitely not easy and it's not easy to accept this change without regret.

But, how are YOU coping with it? What message do you have for your fellow classmates or colleagues to keep going? What makes you get up every morning not knowing what day of the week is it? Share your thoughts with us, the honest ones.

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Coping with this big change has definitely been difficult. Truly, it was difficult to get up not knowing what day it was, knowing I'd have to sit alone at my desk, again, doing school work that I should've been doing in a public building, or over a coffee with a friend, or by choice in the peaceful silence of my dorm room, not the deafening painful silence of my bedroom at home. To fix that, I convinced myself not too feel bad, that people were going through much worse situations, that at least I was getting to live my regular life, safely and in good health. Thinking about that, and filling my summer with things to keep myself busy has…

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